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Why Use Ebay?

If you stop to think about it, the answer is quite simple. There are millions of people the whole world over who – even as you are reading this – are browsing the listings on eBay, looking for items to buy.

And what specifically do they look for? They look for items relating to their hobbies, their interests and their lifestyle. If they see a product that could improve or enhance any one of those three things, they will very likely buy it.

This equates to pure gold for you as a seller. As soon as you log on to your eBay account and list an item for sale, you are tapping into a market that runs into the millions. People from countless countries all around the world will find your auction (or Buy It Now item) if you have written a good title and description that is designed to be easily found in the search results.

It’s far easier to find customers on eBay than it is to find them anywhere else online. Anyone can set up a decent website – even if they pay someone else to do it for them – but unless you can find and drive traffic to it, you won’t sell a thing. eBay is different – the traffic is already there in droves; you just need to show them the products and wait for the sales to start trickling in.

That’s an over simplified example of course, but it does illustrate the point. eBay does have many advantages over more traditional online advertising methods and they really pay dividends – and you can see the results very quickly too.

For starters, it’s pretty cheap to list an item for sale on eBay for a duration of ten days. For that time it’s available for the millions of eBay members worldwide to view and possibly buy. Your item will be listed in an appropriate category of niche buyers that already have an interest in what you’re selling.

Just think about that for a moment. No other website – whether it’s an auction site or anything else – gives you the exposure that eBay does. You could place an item for sale in an online classified advert, but it wouldn’t get a fraction of the traffic that your eBay item will. And it’s very likely to cost you a whole lot more than a ten day auction on eBay.

So… imagine for a moment that you could take advantage of just a fraction of the traffic that eBay gets, and turn it into a niche email list that would pay you dividends each and every month for years to come. That’s exactly what you’ll learn, and you’ll be pleased to know that once you apply the principles herein and put certain rules into practice, everything can pretty much run on autopilot. All you need to do is sit back and watch as your email list starts to grow bigger and bigger.

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