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How To Send Products To Your Customers Automatically

After each successful sale, you have a chance to make a real impression with the buyer. To begin with you might want to email each eBook out manually, but you’d be better off to automate everything by purchasing a program such as My Digital Dispatch, or another similar item on the market. A new one that came out not so long ago is Auction Acrobat.

You can also use something like Microsoft Outlook to deliver them but it won’t check up on whether the payment made to you is correct; it will just recognise that you have received a payment and send the appropriate book accordingly.
But it’s not so much the delivery of the eBook that we are interested in here – it’s the email that will accompany it. This is your golden chance to start developing a relationship with your customer; one that could last for a long time if it’s handled correctly.

Start by thanking them for their valued purchase, and then give them the details of where to access their eBook. You can provide it as an attachment but many people are quite rightly nervous of opening these, so provide a link to your website instead where the eBook can be stored. This link should not be accessible from any other page on your website; the only way people can get to it is if they are given the link itself.

The most important part of this standard email sent out to all winning bidders and purchasers will be to invite them to sign up for your free newsletter on the very subject they have just bought an eBook on. You should find you can get a very high take up rate on this offer – after all it’s a freebie, and it’s on a subject they clearly want information on.

Just this one act will boost the numbers on your email marketing list enormously. As long as you use the double opt-in method to keep yourself safe from any possibility of spam accusations, you can quickly and easily build a healthy email list that will be your key to internet profits for a long time to come.

No remember eBay no longer allows digital products on their site so this digital version you will be shipping will just be so that the user can get instant access to your content, but what they are actually bidding on and what you will deliver on top of this digital version will be a copy of the eBook on CD shipped to their address.

You can tell them they will be getting a instant digital copy sent to them but that what they are bidding on is the eBook CD that will be shipped.

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