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Effective Copywriting

Professional copywriters the world over all know that it’s not just about what you tell people, it’s about what you don’t tell them that gets them to perform a certain action. If you were to tell someone that a box over by the door has chocolate in it, they wouldn’t have any need to go and open it (unless they love chocolate that is). But if you told them there was something interesting and desirable in that box, most people would have to go and have a look. It’s that curious thing called human nature again.

Now let’s transfer this to your About Me page. Don’t tell your visitors that there are wooden toys by the hundreds on your website (even if there are, you are liable to annoy the good folks at eBay by putting something like this); try arousing their interest instead by telling them to “click here to reveal this year’s top ten most sought after toys!”

This will pique most people’s curiosity, whether they have children or not. And of course they will be taken to the page on your website that features an article about the top ten toys for this year… followed by a list of your own website’s top ten best selling toys.

It’s all a question of baiting the hook. If it’s enticing enough, you’ll easily be able to lead all those people who have faithfully followed you to your About Me page right onto your website, where you will have loads of goodies waiting for them.

Use words like ‘discover’, ‘find out’, ‘reveal’ and so on to generate that interest and get people to go exactly where you want them to. Combined with the “click here” technique we discovered earlier, you can create a link to your website that lots of people are going to follow.

Once they get there, it’s your job to keep them there as long as possible, either to sign up for a newsletter or free report, or to actually buy something. Either way you want to capture their details and put them on your mailing list, and we’ll cover more ideas about how to do just that later on in this book.

But for now it’s time to leave the About Me page behind and explore how to sell items on eBay for very little money – and still make a huge profit while simultaneously building one of those monster mailing lists that internet marketers are always talking about. Think it can’t be done? Perhaps those sums don’t add up? Once again, it’s all a question of looking at things in a different way.

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